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If you’re reading this you most likely are in need of recovering your sensitive data such as documents, spread sheets, photos, pictures, PowerPoint presentations, music, videos, downloads, or hiding files from your personal pc or company computer.  You have come to the right place!
We have many years experience recovering and transferring data; infected with bad adware, spyware, or Trojan viruses.  Then again someone perhaps dropped the dang thing, or it was mistreated.  If your laptop or desktop won’t boot up, or your monitor screen is gone black, blue, or just hanging like there’s no tomorrow, then we are here to help you retrieve whatever we can.
Our service is pretty simple;
(1) Look under Data Recovery to your right and select the service you want from the drop down list, (2) enter your email address (3) enter your area code and telephone number - (603) 555-1212(4)  Once we verify your payment we will call you to have you send us your ide or sata harddrive, the quicker you get it to us the sooner we can start working on it! 
*Notice: If we are unable to recover your data beyond our control as outlined in our email to you, we will credit you with (half of your deposit minus shipping charges, and any other technical support that was provided as a service to you)
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